Sam Malone

Bricklaying Bendigo

All types of brick work

Domestic Houses & House Extensions

If you're building from scratch, or adding space and versatility to your property. Sam has the bricks and mortar.

Sam takes the time and care to best match materials for your project to achieve the look you desire or match seamlessly with your existing brickwork.


Over 80% of our business is with repeat customers. We build not only to customer satisfaction, but our satisfaction. We ensure the job is done right and looks great.

Ornamental Facades

Get creative with your architecture! If you want it to last for years, then you want to enjoy it for years.

Sam can help you turn your wallspace into artspace.

Ornamental facades enable a play of light and shade creating an ever changing surface as it interacts with the sun throughout the day.

Fences & Letterboxes

Fencing in brick provides style, durability and long life.

Choose an open style with iron for a clean inviting look, or solid and high for soundproofing and security.

Retaining Walls

Turn your unusable slope into family space and still include room for garden.

Sam can help you with a sturdy and stylish retaining wall.

Retaining walls can be crafted in brick, stone or block to create functional space and enhance your garden.

Insurance Work & Repairs

Accidents happen, usually at an inconvenient time. We specialise in all type of insurance claims: fire, floods, storm. All of which can all be severe enough to require fast action.

Degraded mortar and/or bricks. Movement, cracks and loose bricks.

Call Sam to help you find a solution.